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        ڷg˾PI֣industry development, we propose our government, industry, academia, research integrated and coordinated development of the model, we call it "collaborative interactive."(A) the concept ofBased on the foregoing, we try to "collaborative interactive" under a more comprehensive definition: "collaborative interactive" refers to the participation of the main high-tech industries (including government, research institutions and schools, businesses, etc.); to market-regulated plans to guide the secondary; to improve the technological content of high-tech industries, innovation and profitability, improve the international competitiveness of high-tech industries, and then to lead the world, and even super-class level as a target; interdependence, mutual exchange, mutual promotion , an open collaborative interaction patterns. It has a balanced, sustainable, creative, open, and a series of acceleration characteristics. As shown:PhotoIn the diagram there are several things need to explain:1, two-way arrow icon in the main role of each of the two sides, reflecting the pattern of interaction. 2, shown in a square frame that "collaborative interactive" model range. The endogenous variables within the model, compared with its external exogenous variables, and not the same as our current experience, focusing on external influences in the context of world economic integration a necessary requirement. 3, the market mechanism. The performance of the market mechanism as a free state (which is not a circle to live), meaning that it should act on the entire system itself, exists in every phase, every aspect of every master of the house and between the various activities of the main , reflects the market mechanism as the main adjustment method. 4, the macro environment. The macro-environment should be the responsibility of governments at all levels, but only as a model government in a high-tech industry development actors, with the macro-environment will be stripped in order to more effectively study the development of high-tech industries. Macroeconomic environment and contain a number of important content, specifically, there are government regulations, financial system and the total supply and demand aspects. 5, will be presented separately from universities and research institutions. Here to separate them is to emphasize basic research and applied research in the difference between high-tech industries and their respective representatives during the development stage. 6, the

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